Sm City San Lazaro Cinema

3/F SM San Lazaro Felix Huertas Street Corner A. H. Lacson Street , City of Manila, Metro Manila, +63(2)7862488

Showtimes for Today, 23 Feb

  • Poster jupiter ascending

    Jupiter Ascending

    Action, Adventure, Fantasy

    Cinema 1: 12:30 PM 03:20 PM 06:10 PM 09:00 PM

    In the future, a young destitute human woman gets targeted for assassination by the Queen of the Universe, and begins her destiny to finish the Queen's reign. (From IMDb)

  • Poster the wedding ringer

    The Wedding Ringer

    Comedy, Romance

    Cinema 2: 10:45 AM 01:15 PM 03:45 PM 06:15 PM 08:45 PM

    A shy young groom needs to impress his in-laws, so he turns to a best-man-for-hire to help him out. (From IMDb)

  • Poster the taking of deborah logan

    The Taking Of Deborah Logan

    Thriller, Horror

    Cinema 3: 11:30 AM 01:45 PM 04:00 PM 06:15 PM 08:30 PM

    What is taking Deborah Logan? Some memories are worth forgetting. (From IMDb)

  • Poster liwanag sa dilim

    Liwanag Sa Dilim

    Horror, Adventure

    Cinema 4: 10:50 AM 01:15 PM 03:40 PM 06:05 PM 08:30 PM

    A group of teens faces various horrors in a secluded provincial town.

  • Poster paddington



    Cinema 5: 11:00 AM 03:30 PM 08:00 PM

    A young English boy befriends a talking bear he finds at a London train station. A live-action feature based on the series of popular children's books by Michael Bond. (From IMDb)

  • Poster that thing called tadhana

    That Thing Called Tadhana

    Comedy, Romantic

    Cinema 6: 11:40 AM 02:00 PM 04:20 PM 06:40 PM 09:00 PM

    Two broken-hearted individuals Mace and Anthony unexpectedly meet in an airport in Europe and they develop an unlikely kinship that will lead them to an unforgettable sojourn to Northern Philippines. Together, Mace and Anthony will explore Manila, Baguio, and Sagada where they will discover if th...